About Us

Assistente-Direzione.it – was launched in 2010 and quickly became a leading, not-for-profit, digital destination for the Italian community of Management Assistants (Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Virtual Assistants and Office Managers).

The philosophy of the AD website, not rooted in the idea of the “role of the classic secretary” but geared to the new Management Assistant profession – that was developing in the early 2010s – was (and still is) extremely challenging and crosses all business sectors and all countries .

The aim of the website was to distinguish its brand identity by offering visitors an insider look on all the multifaceted aspects of a PA’s profession, through featured interviews with PAs worldwide (we do believe in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing), career advice from recruiting experts and broader-picture, meaningful articles that informed and motivated the Community to continuously keep itself abreast of new ways of working.

We have also created a homonym Linkedin group that was connected to the AD website. That group was (and is still) the biggest Linkedin Community of PAs in Italy.